About Us

Jazz Nights of Tehran | JAZZNOT.com is an organization devoted to art and music. We simply try to amplify voices of unheard artists and musicians.

JAZZNOT believes that culture, art, and music complement each other and each uniquely affects the other. As a result, we try to focus on culture, art, and music and their affects.

JAZZNOT is an independent organization, founded by artists and musicians who passionately follow the trend and evolution of art and music in subcultures of Iran.

JAZZNOT does not follow, promote, or advocate any religious or political ideology and it is not responsible for the artists and musicians religious and political views featured on its website, shows, and radio. We simply hate censorship and discrimination altogether.

JAZZNOT is funded by private sponsors and advertisements.


**We encourage parental advisory, website and radio materials may contain profane language and/or s ex ual references.

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